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19H30     07/10/2021


  • Rose Garden  is a plot of land located in Country Dream 3, the land area is nearly 3.4 hectares. Existing road frontage, Country Dream 3 is divided into 37 finished land plots with an area of ​​500 - 1,200m2.

  • Country Dream 3 is a complex like a village of garden houses arranged together like terraces overlooking the gentle Dai Nga river.

  • The design concept is simulated based on the land position to create garden plots stacked together like stairs overlooking the Dai Nga river in front.


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"Rose Garden is located in Tan Lac, Bao Lam, Lam Dong. Where there is Dai Nga River winding like a green silk strip at the foot of Dai Binh Mountain and romantic green tea hills.

Rose Garden inherits many advantages with a rapid development speed on the roadmap to turn Bao Loc city into a provincial urban area of Lam Dong, Da Lat city to develop into a centrally run city."

The 2nd house - adjacent to Bao Loc city center
Rose Garden satisfies the desire for a second house hidden in the middle of green hills but still fully equipped with easy access to the city center. Bao Loc is only 7km away,
Located near the bypass of Bao Loc - Bao Lam city, next to the golf city of about 1,000 hectares of Hung Thinh Group and a series of large resort projects of famous brands.
Rose Garden is also an ideal investment opportunity with attractive profit potential and anticipates the possibility of effective homestay rental in the near future.


The 2nd house - adjacent to Bao Loc city center


Choose your favorite living space with 3 house models to suit many owners' personalities.

Modern, minimalist architecture with open view, combined with environmentally friendly materials, creates a perfect combination with the natural space and climate of the highland.
Each house has its own garden of hundreds of square meters, highlighted by rows of green vegetables and flowers full of life.
evokes images of the poetic European garden houses that we often dream of through movies.

Design inspired by nature

Perspective image

  • With the idea of forming each product as a second living space full of utilities but simple and most importantly an open space that blends with nature.
  • The design concept is not only cost-effective but still fully ensures the functions of a true garden house.

The 3,000m2 central park as a colorful flower garden spread out on each level of the hillside will be an attraction and check-in that cannot be missed in Bao Loc city.
Visitors can capture the whole scene of the brilliant flower hill in sight when walking on the wooden bridge with the high view through the trees.
Or you can enjoy each petal by yourself as you stroll through the natural stone paved paths along the slopes leading to the clear landscaped lake.
Anyone can find a safe place to stay at Country Dream 3 where children have fun,
the elderly to relax or young people who want to stay after hours of hard work - with a vivid natural picture mixed with the chirping of birds,
The sound of murmuring water mixed with rustling leaves was just outside the door frame.

Handover standards

  • Public lighting (solar energy).
  • Electricity for daily life according to the current state of the State's electricity grid
  • Existing road 6m (State road), asphalt road. Currently, the investor is sanding, rolling stone and spreading asphalt.
  • Expected to plant between 2 lots 1 pine tree (front).
  • Wooden fence, planting more pine as a fence.
  • Spread the grass to park the whole land.
  • Install cameras to protect the area when customers come back to build and use.

A new destination not to be missed in Bao Loc

Rose Garden

  • The Ground, Straight 30m, total area 693m2
  • Pink book (Certificate of home ownership)


Rose Garden has a price
1,049,000,000 VND

Divide 1000 servings

Price 1,049,000 VND/serving


5% cheaper than retail price of other land plots in Country Dream 3

Country Dream 3 is 10% better than the area

Rose Garden has a price
1,049,000,000 VND

Divide 1000 servings

Price 1,049,000 VND/serving


5% cheaper than retail price of other land plots in Country Dream 3

Country Dream 3 is 10% better than the area

Catching up with the real estate trend of home gardens

Located in Tan Lac, Bao Lam, Lam Dong, Rose Garden inherits 4 factors that make it an advantage to develop resort and secondhome tourism.

  • It is a rare ""specialty"" of Bao Lam. 
  • Apart from Da Lat, the whole southern highland region has no second place with such a wonderful climate
Natural condition
  • Plateau with an altitude of more than 900m above sea level, rolling hills and green mountains. 
  • Develop real estates stretching along hills like Europe in Vietnam
  • With heavy rainfall, fertile soil, high water and humidity. 
  • Can grow all kinds of fruit trees, short-term and long-term crops.
Special location
  • Beautiful view with hills, forest, Dai Nga river and many wonderful scenery. 
  • Convenient to move. Connecting CBD and check-in points

Catching up with the real estate
trend of home gardens

Rose Garden benefits
from expansion plan

From the expansion plan, to welcome investors, to expand Bao Loc city to welcome strategic investors to develop Bao Loc's economy and infrastructure. In this expansion project, priority is given to merging 06 communes of Bao Lam District into Bao Loc city. Including: Loc Chau, Loc An, Loc Tan, Loc Thanh, Loc Nam, Tan Lac. In the period of 2025, Loc An and Loc Tan will be merged, the remaining communes will follow the roadmap to 2040.
(Decision No: 1364/QD-UBND)

Bao Loc's planning vision in 2040

Bao Loc's planning vision in 2040

Immediately after Bao Loc became a grade II city and started the construction phase of a grade I city, many infrastructure projects were invested, creating favorable conditions for the Bao Loc housing market to develop strongly.

Rose Garden possesses outstanding potential

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Rose Garden possesses
outstanding potential

Private pink book

Rose Garden has transparent legality, no planning problems, can be traded immediately

Since the beginning of the year, Bao Loc has attracted dozens of large enterprises to explore investment opportunities such as Novaland, Hung Thinh Corporation, T&T Group, Him Lam, Ecopark, Van Phu - Invest, Thanh Nien Holdings, Vingroup, TTC , Vinamilk, Sabeco...

The sharks race here to invest



  • "Products in the area are synchronously invested with high aesthetics and care management
  • Real estate values are increased in a way that resonates with the whole area
  • Legal factors and land rent value increase when the product area is the area according to the development roadmap of Bao Loc which is merged with Tan Lac commune of Bao Lam and Bao Loc city.."

"After the 4th pandemic, the need for living space close to nature, following nature became urgent. Bao Loc with natural advantages, reasonable input land price, friendly and hospitable people and 3 hours travel distance. Bao Loc promises to be an attractive destination for many customers as soon as the epidemic ends.

At Rose Garden, located on a hillside land, overlooking the peaceful Dai Nga river, it seems to converge all the quintessence from nature that bestows ecological villas for ROSE GARDEN .

Bao Loc With an average temperature of about 21-22 degrees Celsius, the lowest temperature is about 14-18 degrees Celsius, cool climate all year round, this place is ideal for the construction of resorts.

ROSE GARDEN  also owns a synchronous traffic system, with 2 national highways running across the bypass road QL20, QL20, QL55, and many other key routes are on the way to completion.

In particular, the real estate market here is focusing on the Tan Phu - Bao Loc expressway, part of the Dau Giay - Lien Khuong expressway project.
It is estimated that when the expressway is formed, it will help shorten the travel time from Ho Chi Minh City to Bao Loc by only 2 hours.

In addition, Bao Loc is also expanding regional planning to attract investors to hunt for land funds to develop resort real estate.
Accordingly, the bright star is directed to nowhere but the land fund in Bao Lam."



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Conditions applicable to Gift vouchers (resort night) for customers who buy 200 or more parts of Moonka:
1. Voucher is valid for 1 year, from 07/10/2021 - 07/10/2022.
2. Not applicable for public holidays.
3. If going on Saturday and Sunday, please book 2 weeks in advance.
4. If going on weekdays, please book 1 week in advance.
5. Apply for 1 family (4 people) / 2 bedroom apartment.

Applicable for room rental only, not applicable for other services.
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